At Dandenong Ranges Childcare Centre we are comitted to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people, particularly those in our immediate care.

We endeavour to create a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all children by actively acknowledging every child’s right to feel safe, listened to, included in decisions that affect them, and have their best interests considered at all times.

In particular, we understand and value the importance of each child’s cultural identity and values, including Aboriginial and Torres Strait Islander children, and respect their right to maintain a strong connection to their cultural heritage.

At our service we strive to ensure that all children regardless of their cultural background, linguistic diversity, or abilities are supported to participate in all aspects of our educational program, voice their opinions and develop friendships.

To ensure that we are creating a safe and inclusive environment for all children in our care, our eductors:

  • Work closely with each child’s family and seek continuous feedback
  • Incorporate a range of different cultural experiences into our educational program; including the celebration of a range cultural holidays and exploring other languages
  • Have a strong relationship with and seek support from our local Inclusion Support Facilitator from Yooralla
  • Implement a range of strategies to assist each invididual child’s learning and development, including those with additional needs
  • Integrate Auslan (Australian Sign Language) into our program for all age groups

  • Work together with and maintain ongoing communication with any specialists a child may utilise i.e. Pediatricians, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists etc.

  • Seek support and ongoing learning from a range of local community resources
  • Form strong relationships and encourage families to reach out for any support, guidance and assistance they may need
  • Create an environment in which families feel safe to discuss any concerns or queries they may have about their child’s behaviour, learning or development