Pre-Kinder (3-5 Room)

Our Pre-Kinder room is a large open plan space that provides a nurturing environment perfect for growing, learning and playing.

In the Pre-Kinder Room our educational program is guided by play based learning in accordance to the Early Years Learning Framework. Through play we aim to stimulate children’s imaginations and spark their curiosity and natural desire to learn.

We believe that children learn best when they experience challenges that lead to successes and in turn the development of their ever growing skills. It is for this reason that we provide them with the opportunity to take calculated risks within a safe environment, and provide a range of stimulating activities and experiences.

The experiences that educators provide within the program are reflective of the children’s individual interests and needs whilst ensuring a holistic approach to all areas of their development. The activities that the children engage in each day are a combination of those that are educator lead and those that are driven by the children.

Our educators encourage children in developing their self help skills to assist them in building a strong self-esteem. They aim to keep daily routines structured and familiar to ensure that children feel safe and secure, whilst remaining flexible about the amount of time children spend participating in these routines to maintain balance.